Application Development Maintenance and Re-engineering is the core service of the Infipi. It is the connecting bridge that enables an idea to complete the journey from conception to reality. At Infipi, we believe the a successful application development is as much about technology as it is about formulating business processes and refining them. Quality application development is the one of the yardstick of identifying an established and mature software company.
The application development and maintenance option from Infipi allows customers to reduce the cost and risk of development and maintenance of ongoing applications, while still retaining control of their IT environment and focus on core business functions.

The application development and maintenance service offerings include:
Application Sustenance and Support: bug fixes, patch releases, functional enhancements, modernization and Web migration services, re-engineering client server applications, and mainframe/ERP conversion.
Application Platform Maintenance: operating systems, databases, application servers, database migration, and upgrades.
Application Production Support: resolving run-time issues and application tuning for maximum performance.


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